Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm (For appointment please phone: 07 3252 3252)
Saturdays : By appointment 9am to 12noon
Please phone: 07 3252 3252 prior or email: [email protected] to arrange a time.

Is it best to make an appointment during the week? Why?
Yes. Day to day Peter is normally sourcing stones, in pre-arranged meetings, talking to clients, designing, or physically at the bench making jewellery. A typical day at Bakker Diamonds is a very busy one. If you arrive unannounced you may find he is busy and unable to see you at that time.

How much do I need to spend to get a great result?
Client’s individual budgets vary greatly, but we believe diamond rings of quality and substance are achieved at a starting point of around $6000 – $10000 price range. Once you spend this amount or more you will certainly be thrilled with the result. The more you spend will determine a bigger or better quality diamond, may allow for a more elaborate setting or perhaps multiple diamonds. If for example it is an engagement ring you are contemplating, you should consider a number of factors. What style do you / your fiance’ like?. Some clients have $5000 to spend on diamond studs and another may want a very large diamond or perhaps a rare pink diamond and is prepared to spend in excess of $500,000. Every job is different! We are happy to answer questions all day long, so please feel free to ask and see if your idea is possible – you might be surprised!!

Where do your diamonds come from?
We source our diamonds and other gems from both overseas cutting factories (for eg Antwerp, Tel Aviv and New York) and Australian facilities depending on your requirements. No two job specifications are the same so it really depends on the order to be accurate in quoting it’s origin. However we source our diamonds using many years of buying experience and cutting factory contacts, thus our guarantee of quality and value. In addition, as a member of the Jewellers Association of Australia we warrant that the diamonds we sell are “conflict free”

What do you actually do?
Our core business is sourcing diamonds on international markets and the designing and manufacture of diamond engagement, wedding and eternity rings. Because we have direct contact with cutting factories and because we physically manage the creation of our products from start to finish, we can give our clients the best possible result in both value and quality. We source our gems directly and sell directly to the public therefore allowing exceptional value for money by eliminating any middle men and retail margins.

What gems do you work with / recommend?
Predominantly diamonds, but we will also create items with Sapphires and Rubies (both are corundum / aluminium oxide). We prefer these 3 gem types as they are placed at the top of the Moh’s hardness scale (with diamond being almost 4 times harder than corundum) and simply because we want to deliver durability and longevity in every piece.

What metals do you use?
We make jewellery in platinum, 18 carat white, rose and yellow gold, 14 and occasionally 9 carat in either white, yellow or rose gold.

“A number of factors culminate in the result of much better prices. We manufacture our exclusive jewellery to order on-site and sell directly to the end-user…you!”

brisbane diamond rings

How do you keep your prices so low compared to retail stores?
A number of factors culminate in the result of much better prices. Firstly, we manufacture our exclusive jewellery to order on-site and sell directly to the end-user……!. Our overheads are very low compared to retailers, ie no large staff numbers or high rents. Unlike retailers we don’t carry any made-up stock, apart form our design prototypes and loose diamond stocks. We continually scan many international suppliers which results in achieving the best deal for you. With over 25 years experience, Peter can narrow your diamond choice down to maximise quality and value for money. He loves a challenge and loves maximising the end visual result to a client’s budget.

What sort of certificate / guarantees come with the jewellery?
These days it unusual for a reasonable sized diamond not to be certified. An insurance valuation and independent laboratory diamond certificate stating all details about your special piece will be supplied, which will give you the retail replacement value and all specifications about your purchase. Not including normal wear and tear, and with annual inspections, our workmanship is guaranteed for life.

How long does it take once we select our stone(s)?
The physical labour of actually making a piece of jewellery can range anywhere from 1 to 40 hours and beyond, but on average 8 – 12 hours for most modern ring styles. Once a deposit is paid, the customer can be wearing the item within 10 – 15 working days depending on how fast they would like it, the design, and depending on the jobs we already have in the system. If it’s urgent, that’s fine, we are always juggling things to meet important deadlines.

Who are your clients?
Our clients vary from newly engaged couples to single and married men and women looking for a special piece to wear for life.

I don’t know my partners finger size ………. what can we do?
Speak to Peter about ways of determining finger size prior to manufacture. Here is a handy website if you know the ring size but it is not in the English standard.

I want to surprise him / her – how can we do that and choose well?
Phone and make an obligation free appointment and we can discuss the endless possibilities.

What if she / he doesn’t like it?
If there is any risk of producing a piece that may not be exactly what is required, we simply wouldn’t commit to manufacturing it. However there are solutions to this problem – call Peter and discuss the possibilities.

What payment do you accept?
Cash, bank cheque, internet transfer, visa or mastercard.

Why can I see great variations in price for similarly certified stones?
Diamond is a natural product; man then adds his brilliance through cutting to reveal it’s inner beauty. Not all rough diamond crystals are the same quality but these variations are not described on laboratory certificates. Ultimately it comes down to how the stone affects light. If all criteria on two stones are exactly the same but one is substantially more expensive, there will be a reason and generally it will simple look better.