Different Cuts of Diamonds in Brisbane

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Diamond Cuts

When it comes to finishing off a beautiful diamond ready to be set into a piece of jewellery (most notably for an engagement ring), you need to do your research to find the perfect shape for you or your loved one. Classic and timeless, the diamond speaks wonders about your relationship and choosing to spend the rest of your life with this special someone. Here are some of the most popular diamond cuts to choose from.

Round Cut

The round cut diamond is the most popular choice, offering an incredible brilliance. Classic and timeless, the way it is cut into a cone shape allows a large amount of light to return through the top of the diamond.

Princess Cut

The princess cut is square or rectangular, with the shape resembling that of an inverted pyramid. Another very popular choice next to the round cut that has gained in popularity in recent years.

Marquise Cut

The marquise cut is an elliptical shaped diamond that is pointed at both ends. These are considered quite unique compared to some of the other more traditional cuts.

Pear Cut

Also referred to as the tear drop, it is considered a mix between the round cut and the marquise cut. One end of the diamond is rounded, while the other end is pointed.

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