The Significance of Brisbane Engagement Rings

Man Putting Diamond Ring On Woman's FingerEngagement Rings

An engagement ring today is the perfect way to express your love to your other half as you get down on one knee to propose to her. In Western culture, they are very well known. While they come in all shapes and sizes, these days engagement rings are synonymous with diamonds. It is worn on your left hand, second finger from the pinkie, as it is known that it holds a vein runs straight to your heart. It is a symbol of your eternal love together and the promise of marriage. However, engagement rings have been around for a long time.


The tradition of engagement rings actually dates back to the early Egyptian period. Rings made out of braided reeds were exchanged and worn on the same finger as it is today. In the Roman times, rings were given in lieu of money or gifts. Rather than a profession of their love, it was about the legal binding agreement between the couple to be married. It was only later that diamonds began appearing in the rings resulting in the traditions that have been passed down today.


When looking at proposing to your loved one, it is important to find the perfect ring to place on their finger as a symbol of your love. The professional team at Bakker Diamonds has years of industry experience and they will work with you to find the perfect fit.


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